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Cky barbra jeans ass

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Menos 25.12.2017
Yeah, I hate HM slaves too, that is why I don't bother with them and I just put the HMs in on the team where I can these days, Garchomp is so good normally that I just keep him in the team, mine used to one shot things, even stuff he was weak against like ice.
Shaktizuru 28.12.2017
You want a friend? Well I don't know we're you gonna find one of dem. But what I can do is slam you on your stomach, tear dem panties off (straight not even giving a fuck, if it was yo last pair of underwear! and pound them cheeks, till there reduced to red pan cakes! I ain't no member of the Adams family bitch! Dem niggas down there can be yo friends. IM COMING TO BEAT DAT PUSSY UP!
Yosho 30.12.2017
Nigore 31.12.2017
Jesus. How drunk were those soldiers?
Vimi 27.12.2017
Do you gotta facebook sexy? Mine is RICO JOHNSON add me up boo.